You may not be aware yet, children too suffer from stress. They get this stress from their parents at home and even from school through their peers and teachers. Whatever the cause of stress, it must be controlled. If you know if a Yoga For Kid program, try introducing it to help keep kids healthy and stress-free. (Please note that the Yoga For Kid program is not a program we are promoting here, it is simply a program you can design for your own children based on yoga principals.)

Yoga has proven to be very effective in stress-relief and has also shown to help with hyperactive and attention-deficiency issues that many children go through every day. Children crave movement and they also crave mental activities to help them learn more. Yoga can provide children with both of these things through simple exercises. Here's how you can start a Yoga For Kid program for your child or for the community you live in.

Determine The Problem

Fist you need to find out if a child has a problem or not. Not all kids suffer from stress and a lot of them just crave attention. Before you waste time trying to de-stress kids, find out if they actually are stressed out first and see if it has anything to do with the home or school environment.

Introduce Your Idea

People are afraid of things they do not understand. So if you are planning to start this program, first talk about it with people like the children and their parents. It's important to explain the Yoga For Kid program and that it can help children become better and stress less. Keep in mind that a child needs to know this just as much as a parent does in order for him or her to cooperate.

Explain The Theory

Here's the part that will involve the most preparation in your Yoga For Kid program. Make a program that includes different steps so that it will work. A good piece of advice is to first teach how this will help children understand themselves physically, how it will help them take control of stress, how flexible it will make them and how it will help them coordinate their physical and mental abilities.

Scheduling The Children

At this time, you may have everyone interested so you have to make time for them. You can suggest to do this program in the morning before school or at school if you work in one; or you can opt for an after school schedule. This depends on what kind of schedule you have as well. Remember that it is important that your schedule is also not affected.

Define The Routine

Two things about yoga: it's physical and mental. Balance the activities that deal with these aspects. If you have to, separate the activities. You can do the physical ones in the morning and do all the mental activities at night or after school.

Implementing the Yoga For Kid program in your home, school or as a community activity will definitely bring results. You will not only have healthy kids, but your community will have children that are more alert. They will also be more in control of their learning abilities while knowing how to deal with their own stress through the yoga activities you have introduced to them.

Source by Ellen Parry