Social bookmarking can best be defined as an increasingly popular web based service where users from all over the world can create and store their favorite bookmarks with a simple click. Social media can also be used as a website and business marketing tool.

Have you ever forwarded a website link to a friend or family member? If so, then you have participated in social bookmarking.

They enable the user to locate, classify, rank, and share their favorite bookmarks with other people with ease. In general, the user will tag the website of interest and save it for later. These bookmarks, however, are not saved to the browser and are therefore not tied to the users' desktop; instead they are saved to the internet and publicly accessible. The fact that they are saved on the web is what makes the 'sharing' part so easy.

Examples of some social bookmarking sites are: Reddit, Furl,, Propeller and Digg.

Some of these sites are also referred to as intelligent search engines. The days where you have to go online and search for something is slowly fading away as more and more people are starting to use bookmarking sites to narrow down their searches.

So, what initially started out as a way for people to send bookmarks to friends and family has grown into social search engines. Simply visit your favorite social bookmarking site, choose the tag or category that best matches your interest, and browse away.

Social bookmarking is also used for assisting in website SEO and marketing. Although not always seen as the primary reason for this service, they can play a huge contributing factor in your traffic stats and rankings.

Source by Alex Dalgarno