John Saxon, the inventor of this method, created the Saxon Math as a really original option, by achieving the mixture of old and new, represented by the traditional ways of learning and by the modern techniques. So we may consider that the Saxon Math is one of the most pleasant methods of learning math and this fact was proved by the numerous experiments made to show the reliability of this method.

According to the principles of Saxon Math, children are encouraged to learn a new mathematical element and rule every day by constantly repeating the old concepts. There are a few reasons which prove the real efficiency of the Saxon Math and amongst these we may note the most important of them which is the opportunity given to learn everything logically and accurately. Other benefits offered by this method are related to the great capacity that the child develops towards an efficient memory of the theoretical information and so on.

The Saxon Math has indeed become popular for the ones who discovered its advantages and its great efficiency.

Most teachers who tried this method have changed their orientations towards the Saxon Math exclusively as the numerous advantages that it offers are really remarkable and noticeable after only a short period.

So in an attempt to define Saxon Math we may state that this method is characterized by accuracy, reliable implementation options and the most important, by the great importance that it provides to memorization and to the revival of previously learned concepts.
It is commonly known the fact that children must be encouraged to learn the theoretical information first, so as to be able to apply this into relevant exercises. And this is the exact aim of Saxon Math: to provide kids with accurate information every day, by also repeating the old concepts that they previously learned.

Saxon math may easily be considered as a reliable incremental method for learning mathematics and all of its characteristics were established by its creator in order to achieve the best math results and skills from the students who use this method. Saxon math is because one of the most reliable and accurate methods to be used in schools and in homeschool as well and that is why there are so many opinions that note the real accuracy and reliability of this particular method.

Workbooks, textbooks, sets of CDs and special kits are provided for the ones who want to start studying maths with the Saxon method and so the definition of this technique is self-eloquent through its great efficiency and success.

Source by Pedro Silva