The blog was born in 1990 and today there is the option of letting your blog readers leave comments and feedback about your posts. A post is your writing entry for the day. There is no limit to the amount of posts you do a day and blog owners who love to write can find themselves writing a few times a day. There is now the option of "following" a blog by subscribing to it and not missing out on anything. When the blog writer creates a new post, the follower is then notified of the new post.

Most blog entries typically consist of a catchy title and there is the headline, body, post date, author name and tags for the blog. The tags are used for search engine purposes. For example, if someone on Google may be searching for something that your blog relates to, that blog may pop up.

What Type Of Blog Template Do You Need

Today, there are all sorts of new blog designs for blog owners to create a blog look they want. There are many options from business templates to something very casual. There are blog templates that are provided with the blog hosts that people sign up for. If blog owners do not like the templates provided, they can do a search on Google and find what they are looking for. There are many free and some at a minimal price.

You Do not Need Any Technical Skills To Start A Blog

The blog world is growing with advanced techniques and is a great way to network and keep in touch with others. Even the non-experienced can set up a blog in just 5 minutes. Imagine a place where you are free to write about whatever you want. You are basically publishing your own words!

Where Can You Find The Tools To Start Blogging

There is a lot of information on blogging when you do a search but the most recommended site to create a blog is Blogger and WordPress. These are the most popular for bloggers and are both easy to navigate and use. Blogger is set up so you can easily customize your blog layout. The blog layout is the way it looks to your readers when they visit your blog. It's very easy to upload a post along with pictures on Blogger and some say it's a great place for beginners.

WordPress Has Become The Blog Platform Of Choice By Many Professionals

WordPress is the chosen blog format for many business professionals. Many use WordPress today to not only set up their own blog but also small shops. The blog world has certainly advanced and choose a blog site that you feel comfortable using. Some try to get set up at both, Blogger and WordPress to get a feel for it and determine which one they prefer.

Source by Ron Cripps