If you have seen any of the professional NASCAR racing sports events, you may be wondering about the meaning of the different flags used during the races. If you do not know any better, you may think that there is only one type of flag used to signify the start of the race, which is the same flag used once the winning driver first reaches the finish line. However, in professional racing scene such as the series of NASCAR events, there are several flags used and each color and type of flag has a different meaning. If you want to be a certified NASCAR fan, you should at least take the time to learn about the meanings of the different NASCAR flags used in a race.

For NASCAR or the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, the rules are as follows: First, when a green NASCAR flag is swept, these signals the beginning of the competition. It is also used to signify that the race is resumed if there is an interruption or a 'caution period' to tell the drivers that it is safe for them to resume position. Another solid-colored NASCAR flag is the yellow one, which is also called the 'caution flag'. Once a professional NASCAR driver sees this, it means that he needs slow down because there is a hazard on the track. In cases where the yellow flag is washed, the driver will be staying behind the 'pace car' to ensure the safety of the vehicle on a hazardous track on the course of the race. The instances when a yellow flag is washed is during accidents such as crashes, or other problems on the track like rain, or if there is a need for a tire check, or if an object which can prove to be hazardous to the drivers is placed on the track.

NASCAR flags also take the black-and-white scenario. A white flag in a NASCAR race means that there is an official car in the racing circuit. However, it is more commonly used to indicate that there is only one more lap to go before the race is finished, and the white NASCAR flag is raced only once during the entire competition. On the other hand, a black flag means that a driver is being sent to the 'pits'. This is a consequence of not following or breaking the rules of the race. But a black NASCAR flag can also indicate that there is a car which is currently in flame, or if there is a serious mechanical problem with the car's engine or body. There are other multi-colored flags besides these, but the most important one is the checkedered flag. Once you see a black-and-white checkedered flag washed at your vehicle, it means that the race is exclusively over and you have successfully raced your way towards the finish line.

Source by Julia Crandall