Building website traffic can be a real challenge for a beginner in Internet Marketing. After successfully finishing the first website or blog,the following step is to drive to it as many visitors as possible. That is the so called website traffic building.

Traffic is essential for your online business. More traffic equals more recognition,more signups, more sales and more money. Fortunately for the beginners,there are some free and very effective ways to increase your web traffic. Here are 2 of them.

#1 Article Marketing

Writing articles is an old but very powerful method to promote your website. First of all,you don’t have to be afraid to write an article. If you will make any mistake,you will definitely learn from it. Just try to express simply your point of view about the subject. Everybody has a point of view about something he or she is interested in.

The subject of your article must match with your website’s topic. Create a catchy title, write an easy-to-read ,not too long article and don’t forget to add in your resource box a link pointing back to your website. This link will be your traffic provider. Then you have to submit the article to the most visited article directories such as EzineArticles or GoArticles. Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions for each directory to find out their own rules. After you have published a considerable number of articles,you will notice a big increase in your targeted traffic and your profits!

#2 Forum Marketing

For beginners,forums are one of the easiest ways to build free web traffic. Your goal as a newbie on forums is to socialize with people interested in your niche market. Don’t try to sell anything, and don’t be a spammer. Once you have build a good reputation and earned the trust of other members, direct them to your website by including a link in the signature that follows your post.

First you have to do some research to find out forums that are related to your website, are highly populated and very active. Choose only those that allow the use of a signature that links to your website. Participating actively in forums that are relevant to your niche,it is a good way to drive free,genuine traffic to your website. In the meantime you can discover many valuable information to help your business.

My advise for beginners is to take instant action. Start writing articles and start posting on forums that is to say start building your free targeted web traffic!

Source by George M Potter