Here is a list of the top ten key features to look for in premier Video Conferencing Systems! To ensure that you pick the right one to get up and running, with no fuss and no bother! The right video conferencing systems are easy to pick, once you know the top ten key features to look for!

Video Conferencing Systems: Top Ten Features.

  1. No downloads, Make it easy for attendees. Email them a link to click, and its done!
  2. Ease of use, simple intuitive software a first timer can figure out!
  3. Room size, do not pay for more than you need. Choose a scalable system! 0-10 or 0-100 averages 0-500
  4. Full Video and Audio capabilities.
  5. Presentation Mode, so you can get your message across with out interruption!
  6. Desk top sharing, a key feature for effective team work.
  7. File sharing another key feature for business users internationally
  8. Password capabilities, a useful privacy feature.
  9. Fully customizable … Brand-capable.
  10. Power packed moderator controls.

Perhaps I should have added cost to the list, but I am sure cost and value for money does not need to be explained! For Video conferencing systems if you have all the above bases covered you are on to a winner! One key point to mention is the ability to show Video in your video conference room, many will let you show a power point presentation and that is unfortunately the limit of there capabilities.

You and I know that video in a presentation is an extremely valuable and powerful tool, so it is well worth looking out for!

My personal experience of video conferencing systems is that people can be attributable or perhaps too lazy to down load software, for attending a meeting or sales presentation! So been able to email a client, prospect or professional college and say … "Hey just click this link at 2pm and we can chat live, share files video or text chat etc." Is a great and easy way, to get people into the video conference room! And that is the golden rule! Make it easy to start communicating.

Source by Sean Breslin