Every year over two million tourists travel to Israel. In a land of only six million people the tourist industry is a major source of income.

In recent years a trend has developed for Israeli property owners to offer their private homes for rent during the summer months. This is a wonderful alternative to staying in regular hotels, and by searching on the Internet you can find and book unique holiday accommodations that can make your holiday an unforgettable experience.

You could rent a villa with a swimming pool for your family and friends, hold parties there, and prepare meals in a fully fitted kitchen. Often close to beaches, private villas are superb alternatives to conventional tourist hotels, and make great bases from which to explore Israel.

Private villas are also full of character and interest. They give a fascinating and authentic glimpse into life in Israel that brings more individuality to your holiday experience. However, the danger in booking private accommodation through the Internet is that the pictures and descriptions may give a too flattering account of the property, and that after a long and tiring flight you can be very disappointed when you at last reach your destination.

Unfortunately there are no accepted standards that property owners need follow and no effective industry safeguards to protect you, so it is very easy to find yourself in an unsuitable property having to deal with the owners individual whims and demands on the spot.

The safest way to find and book a vacation home that truly suits your needs is to use an Israeli agent that specializes in private home rentals.

The best and most professional agents will have visited all of the homes they list and have detailed contracts with the owners to provide the level of service that you would expect. They will deal with the payments and deposits and act as an intermediary to ensure you avoid all of the pitfalls of dealing directly with individual owners.

Properties will have cleaned and made ready for your arrival and provide all of the accessories that you would expect. Simple but important details such as the amount of bedding, towels, sheets, cutlery, crockery, glassware, chairs and furniture will have been attended to. You will have contact numbers of not only the owner but also the agent, and can expect prompt action should anything need fixing or replacing. And finally, when you leave the property it is the agent who will return your security deposit.

A good agent will offer advice about the properties that best suit your budget and expectations, and will be able to offer alternatives that only a native Israeli would know about. A wonderful villa only a short drive from marvellous beaches may be a much better deal than a run run down villa just off a crowded beach.

Experience has shown that the quality and suitability of vacation accommodation greatly adds to your enjoyment. An agent will of course charge a fee, but this is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that a professional service can bring.

Source by Limor Dar