What is text voting?

Text voting is a great facility that allows you to gauge public opinion on just about anything. To register a vote, an individual simply texts in a keyword to a short code number (e.g. 82088).

What can text voting do for my marketing?

Voting is not only a great way of gauging public opinion; it’s also an ideal way of engaging your audience. The text voting system has become increasingly popular in recent years when used in conjunction with popular TV talent shows.

Due to the simplicity of the voting system i.e. a short text message being sent to register a vote, the potential response rate is likely to be much higher.

How does text voting work?

In order to set up a vote, simply decide your question and your three categories. Enter the answers into the system (these answers are what a voter will text in) and it is set up. This literally takes minutes. All that is left to do is decide how the vote will be promoted; this could be on any marketing material at any location nationwide, as anyone with a mobile can enter. Best practice dictates that a ‘thank you for voting’ message should also be sent to all entrants. All this, once set up is completely automated, so there is no need to monitor it.

Where could I use text voting?

The ideal use for text voting is in an environment where real-time feedback is necessary. For example, at Teimlo, one of our clients uses the voting system when holding their battle of the bands event at live gigs. This enables their audience to vote with ease for their favourite bands, then be able to analyse the results during the event itself.

Have you used text voting as part of your marketing efforts?

If you have used text voting as part of your marketing efforts we would love to hear from you. Was it a success? Did you find it easy to set up and use? Did you get any feedback? To let us know how you found using this facility, simply comment or contact me via my contact details in the resource section of this article.

How much does it cost?

As the organisation running the voting, you have the choice to make entry free to the end user (entry costs them a single standard rate message) or at a premium price, the lowest of which that is generally used being 25p. Any advertisement needs to clearly state the cost of voting.

Source by Huw Williams