1. Do something different – Theme

When choosing your party theme, you'll need to consider a few important factors. Who is the party for? Where will the party be held? What type of guests are you inviting? Think outside the box to come up with something truly imaginative and unique that will transform your party and automatically become a talking point for everyone.

2. Eye catching invitations

The invitation cards are the magnet that attracts those special guests. If you've decided on a theme, make sure it shows in the invitation style. A picture or even the shape of the card will help draw your guests into the theme of your party. Remember always include the RSVP.

3. Entrance

First impressions count! These do not have to be expensive. Candles are an inexpensive option and can create a beautiful looking entrance. If it's going to be an outdoor party you can outline the paths with colorful lights to enhance the mood. It's often dark by the time a party really gets going, and enabling your guests to find their way by light is not only impressive, but also helps avoid unjust accidents.

4. Dazzling decoration

Half the fun of a party is decorating. Decorate your room, your table, yourself, and, of course encourage your guests to dress to impress! With the theme party ideas running through your head this is also another great reason to talk to a party planner who will be able to advise you on where to get those individual items to make your party unforgivable.

5. Use lighting to create a mood

A good source of decoration is mood lighting. We talked about using lighting to make an entrance, however you can move this inside the venue and change the lighting in different sections of the room to create certain moods. Tea lights or candles on the tables help to create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

6. Signature drink

For your party, come up with a special drink, in keeping with the theme, in addition to beer and wine, maybe a fruity punch? You may have to research your ideas. There are so many different drinks made for the different seasons, you may have trouble deciding. Always use real glasses, absolutely no paper cups allowed – except it's for a child's party.

7. Food

This can be a tough one. If you are on a budget and can not afford outside catering trying incorporating the theme of the party as much as possible and keep in mind the people you have invited. If you do decide to hire a catering service always do a taste test and ask for recommendations before ordering them.

8. Help

Consider hiring help, when planning that special occasion. Hiring a planner can relieve you of all the stress, leaving you still in complete control. A planner can actually save you money, with their inside connections to suppliers, caterers, and avenues'. Just think, you will not have the worry about clearing up either.

9. Being a good host

Greet your guests at the door as they arrive and welcome them in. As the host, you should always make sure everyone has a drink in their hand. Keep an eye on what everyone is drinking. Introduce people. Ideally, your guests will mingle freely without prompting, but, more often than not, cliques can form over the course of the evening, with people who already know each other well sticking close together. As the host look for ways to mix things up a bit. Find two people who you would like to meet each other, and introduce them. Bring up a topic that you know they are both interested in.Get the conversation rolling and then mingle some more.

10. Enjoy the party your self

Always relax and enjoy your party.Your appearance and attitude will set the tone of the party. If you are smiling and talking and giving out good vibes, this will soon rub off on to your guests, and everyone will have a truly wonderful time.

Source by Linda D Wilson