When you own a beautiful yard some kind of lawn mowing equipment is necessary. Since it is such a necessity you should also be well informed on some of the necessary maintenance skills. A solid ability to maintain it is a must.

When you are maintaining any type of lawn equipment, you will understand the benefit of knowing some of the do-it-yourself lawn mower repair tricks. This can not only save you money, but also save you some major frustration of not knowing what to do when the engine goes crazy. Yes, these skills will most likely not be acquired over night. It may take years of experience to learn all the tricks to keep the mower running properly.

But guess what! You are lucky enough for finding this page right now as this is where you will find some important tips on do-it-yourself lawn mower repair!

Tip # 1: A mower that will not start at all is most likely needing a new spark plug. What can you do to solve this? It is relatively simple, just replace the plug with a new one. You should be able to purchase one at a nearby electrical store. Just check the model number to make sure you purchase the correct one. The store should have a qualified employee that can offer their assistance.

Tip # 2: When a mower continue to cough and sputter the problem is usually one of two things. It is either a problem with the air filter or the fuel. If the problem lies with the air filter, it is a simple solution. Just replace it with a new one. It is fuel is the problem make sure that there is enough fuel in the tank to make it run properly.

Tip # 3: The best do-it-yourself lawn mower repair when you are faced with a mower that keeps dying after starting it to check to see if it has fuel in it. If it does have enough, the problem could be that the engine has become flooded. Turn the fuel off, and then restart the engine. Do this several times and make sure to start it on the correct setting. Also remember this tidbit: do not use old gas! Discard any old gas and replace with fresh fuel.

It does not matter what type of problem you are having with your lawn mowing equipment, always remember to remove the spark plug before trying to fix anything. Keep these tips in mind as they may be able to save you some time and money. It is certainly essential to inform yourself with these do-it-yourself lawn mower repair tips!

Good Luck!

Source by Gordon Moore