This list of top 10 addons for WoW are obviously my personal preference after almost 5 years of playing World of Warcraft.

There are tons of other addons you can play around with but, I have found these to be the best for the way I like to play and what I like to see on my screen while playing WoW.

This list is in no particular order:

  • Sexy Maps – I love being able to change the look of my map and this gives me the ability to make a ton of different changes.
  • Postal – Tired of having to click on every single item in your mailbox? Postal allows you to open everything in a single click.
  • Bagnon – Allows you to open and close all bag at the same time. You can even search your bags for that annoying item you can never seem to find.
  • X-Pearl – I simply love the look and feel of this because of the player portrait and ability to change pretty much everything about the WoW raid and party frames.
  • Bartender – Allows me to get rid of that cheesy Blizzard bar artwork, move and scale my bars to any size I desire. You can also hide bars so that they are only seen when you hover your mouse over them. I love this for the micro and bag bars.
  • Auction Master – Everyone that has been playing WoW for any period of time knows that the Auction House is the very best way to make gold in World of Warcraft. There are a few good Auction House addons out there but, this one has become my favorite because of the any options and a great scanning feature.
  • Vuh-Do – Yes, I mainly play healers and there simply is no better for healing available for World of Warcraft.
  • Gatherer – The very best resources addon because it allows you to plug-in with others in your guild farming resources and build an awesome database of where to farm anything in the game.
  • Deadly Boss Mods – If you are going to raid then this is simply a must have. You will not find too many guilds that are going to let you have a spot on their raid team without having this addon installed. Many people answer it is not needed but, I personally believe it helps you be more aware of raid surroundings. Just get it.
  • WoW Quest Addons – These addons are for power leveling through questing. There are many that excuse the fastest way to level in WoW. I have tried pretty much every method available and these addons beat anything you can try.

Source by SC Carter