Currently we all know about the ancient Mayan Calendar, and our 26.000 year cosmic alignment. Yet one of the many great Mayan mysteries is also about the music they played. which was used to enchant the gods the ancient Maya worshiped. Which many of the latter day descendants of the ancient Maya say spoke directly from the Gods themselves.

Music can be enchanting; it can bring us closer to others and our relationship with the spiritual World. And the ancient Maya also used music to celebrate, soothe the sick, welcome the gods, and bring the joy of living to their people. Much is not known about pre-Columbian Mayan music, much of the culture was kept by the scattered remnants of the people who were once part of this ancient empire, but was destroyed as millions died of epidemics, or were carefully slaughtered after the Spanish appeal of the Americas. Although temple relief's, and the simple instruments the few remaining descendents use today of this ancient empire, are a living testimony to the spiritual music of the Maya.

Drums, whistles, flutes and trumpets played an important part in Mayan life. The "Popol Vuh," the ancient Mayan, "Book of Life." Speaks of the soft, gloomy enchanting sound of drums as someone departs to meet the spirits of the afterlife, and were an essential part of music with the trumpets of triumph at ceremonies, and parties in Mayan culture. The simple bamboo flute, the sound of the Andes, is one instrument that probably originates from this ancient culture. Carried and played by the few descendants of this empire, it has become a musical symbol of Central America.

The Ancient Maya were gifted musicians, and this gift has been recorded through history. When the remaining "Indians" were "rescued" and "protected" by more liberal members of the Catholic Church in the 17th Century. Great Missions were built, and the "Indians" made and played instruments like the violin, and flute. This impressed the monks, who sold these instruments worldwide, and were amazed by the musical talents these descendants of the Maya processed. Often believing the music they played was a "Miracle of God." Many of these violins were used by some of the great composers, and musicians of this period in Europe.

Perhaps a visitor to modern day Central America, could stumble across the descendants of this great empire, and hear this mystical music. Music today still played at the homes of the now scattered tribes of the Maya, and wonder about the stories that lay in the magical sounds they hear.

Source by Mark W. Medley