Have you ever been on a camping expedition? You would have surely learnt about the benefits of an emergency flashlight. Emergency LED lights now take it to the next level by offering the complete spectrum of benefits that would help us in any sort of emergency. Think about the extra batteries that we needed to carry with us for our emergency flash lights. That wouldn’t be required anymore, because these LED lights consume very low amount of power. That is also the reason why they are preferred even instead of the regular incandescent bulbs for decorations. In fact, the latter emits a major percentage of the energy consumed as heat energy, a wastage we would like to avoid in an emergency. These LED lights can usually operate with 12 watts – 6 V circuits, but the wattage could also be lowered to 6 watts, reducing power consumption. These LEDs are therefore, used in emergency vehicles to ensure that there isn’t undue pressure on limited resources e.g. rechargeable batteries.

Emergency LED lights are usually waterproof which makes them a better choice in scenarios like bad rainy weather, flood situations, etc. The resiliency of these lights is also demonstrated amply by their impact resistance and their ability to remain switched on in operation for long hours. Most light emitting diodes used for emergency lighting are tested to stay operational for more than 100,000 hours, compared to the meager 10,000 hours promised by the best of halogen lights.

The compactness of the emergency LED lights is another reason why they are used a lot for emergency lighting. They can be easily carried along as they are light. The durability of thermoplastic material provides an added benefit. Polycarbonate material is also used sometimes. The lightweight LED are therefore portable and can be mounted anywhere to signal an emergency or caution. The LED light strips and bulbs also offer great aesthetics and it is possible to conjure several different colors like red, blue, amber and green. The flashing patterns could also be varied, allowing you to alter the special effects and enhance the visibility of the lights depending upon the situation at hand.

Emergency LED lights are also used as exit signs and have been found to be extremely efficient. The fact that the circuits can easily be controlled via control boxes makes it easy to use them when there is an emergency. All they need is a few minutes of testing every quarter year, and you can feel well equipped with these emergency lights. Sometimes it is possible to pack these lights with manageable output, in as small a space as a key chain. When one multiplies the long life of these LEDs with the possible electricity they save, in the tune of 50% compared to incandescent bulbs, we are looking at a lot of energy saving during the lifetime of these emergency lights. These emergency lights can also be made to produce simple white light that can be soft on human eyes, a factor often ignored while preparing for emergencies.

Source by Sunil Punjabi