The metal cadmium is shiny, strong, malleable at low temperatures, and cheap, regardless of its health hazards.

Despite the risks, some manufacturers in China's east coast are using lower quality materials, including cadmium (which is known to cause cancer) in charm bracelets and pendants sold throughout the US, an investigation shown a few weeks ago.

The news said the most contaminated piece analyzed in lab testing contained 91 percent cadmium by weight. The cadmium content of other contaminated trinkets tested at 89 percent, 86 percent and 84 percent by weight. The testing also showed that some items easily shed the heavy metal.

Cadmium is a known carcinogen. Like lead, it can hinder brain development in the very young, according to recent research.

"There's nothing positive that you can say about this metal." It's a poison, "said Bruce Fowler, a cadmium specialist and toxicologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. On the CDC's list of the 275 most hazardous substances in the environment, cadmium ranks No. 2. 7.

High levels of lead poisoning which can result in mental retardation, coma and even death. Multiple researchers have confirmed a direct link between early lead exposure and extreme learning disability. Lead can cause increased blood pressure, fertility problems, muscle and joint pains, irritability and memory or concentration problems in adults.

Contaminated jewelry items could be found at many discount stores, including the largest retailer in the world: Walmart.

In view of this, It will be wise to ask your jewelry store about the materials used to make those pieces you want to buy. Even if a jewelry product looks safe, it might be fabricated with toxic metals.

Source by Ralph A. Gonzalez