What do you think of when someone says communications device? Cell phone? Home computer? Home telephone? Using the telephone, cell phone, or even sending an e-mail are somehow some of the most prevalent forms of communication. The communications industry has brought once thought of fictitious technology from comic books from the ancient operator assisted telephone. Even high school and junior high kids have cell phones these days. This is certainly the information age. However, there are still limits with those types of high-tech gadgets. As an example, whether for personal or business reasons you may need to interact with the other parties directly and / or present and share visual information. In a situation such as this, multi-point videoconferencing just might make for the perfect fit.

Not only can this save you on unwISE company / personal cash because of videoconferencing technology, but it will also save you time. Something that direct dial conferencing can not offer. And although it sounds computer nerd scary, videoconferencing is relatively simple to set up. All of this is basically a series of recording devices set up before hand at the conference attendees physical location.

For a basic understanding of how it works; we will assume that you understand your equipment and the technology involved, there are a series of cameras at each participating members room of the conference. It is just as simple as a regular conference call, the only difference is that you can see other members of the conference and share information via computer. It is said that 60% of communication is nonverbal, meaning it is based on body language. This is where videoconferencing actually gets members magnetically drawn into the conference and more involved in the conference. And since videoconferencing will take advantage of modern thought, it is easy to transfer files, offers optional text chatting (vs. Voice communication), take polls, and utilize everyones' resources through modern technology. Companies and certain individuals who take advantage of multi-point will see their expenses go down and free time rise.

Only the limits of your own thinking limits the potential of videoconferencing. The technology is very user friendly and adaptable. It can be used for your own use, such as having a chat with your pals and the same time being able to eyeball them, or also used to save businesses time and. In fact, because of the low price vs. time and travel prices, it is predicted that this will become very ordinary in any business that wants to knock the pants off its competition. It is also a great vehicle for educators and teachers alike to share activities with different schools such as a form of home schooling, or also by members of the scientific community collaborating on research and projects. It is the closest thing to be present in the same room. Cost wise, until they come up with light speed airplane technology, it is the best thing available.

Source by Jason Payne