The biggest mistake that people make while conducting investigations of paranormal activity is that they almost always wait until night time to start their investigation. They assume that the best time to gather evidence is during the night. While it is true that you can gather a lot of very good evidence at night, and that the night time has its advantages over exploring during the day time. There are also advantages to investigating during the day time. I have seen a lot of ghost hunters make this mistake and only focus their efforts on the night time. This is in no way a professional way to conduct an investigation. In order to properly conduct an investigation you must gather evidence during both the day and night. If you only conduct night time investigation then you are really missing a lot of phenomenon, because in my experience there is a lot of activity that happens during the day. There are advantages and to both day and night, and I will go over some of these with you.

One of the advantages of investigating during the day is that you have a lot better visibility, you can see whats around you a lot more easily. The second advantage is that when taking pictures if you happen to get an orb's, they are less likely to be dust or insects showing up. A very big problem for new investigators is learning to tell the difference between dust and insects and real orb's. And the biggest advantage is that the day time is often overlooked or thought of as less important, so you will be investigating at a time which is often just plain ignored and that gives you the chance to catch activity that other people could not get.

The first advantage to investigating at night is that it often puts you in the proper mind set to open yourself up to experiencing different types of paranormal activity. The second advantage is that different types of ghost's seem to like doing things under the cover of darkness, it gives them a safe feeling.

There are numerous different types of ghost's and entity's as well as paranormal events that take place throughout the world and some happen more frequently during the day and some at night. So take the time and be sure to investigate both, you will be happy you did.

Source by Larry Cormier Jr.