One of the best ways to keep your sex life fresh and exciting is to try new love making positions. However, let’s face it, not all of them were created equal. So in this article, I’m going to show you some of my favorite love making positions – all of which have been chosen based on several criteria. Namely, they are relatively simple to execute, pleasurable for both parties, and flexible enough to accommodate partners of different body types. If you’ve been searching for some new positions to do it in, but just couldn’t find the right ones, then these are sure to be more than suitable for you.

1. A New Take on an Old Favorite

This first position is a take on the missionary position. On the off-chance that you don’t know what the missionary position is, it’s the “vanilla” position that everyone uses – basic man on woman (or woman on man). Personally, I love it. Your eyes meet, you can kiss and cuddle while you make love, and it’s very accommodating in many respects. However, there’s a tweak you can make to it to maximise the sexual enjoyment both of you get from it.

For this one, the woman needs to be on the bottom. Her feet should be flat on the bed, which will allow her to angle her hips up. This will ensure a tighter sensation for both of you, as well as allow your penis to hit her G spot. To make life easier on both of you, try putting a pillow or two under her butt, so you and her don’t have to put in quite as much effort to get that really nice angle.

2. Giddy Up!

The cowgirl position is a fantastic one for when the guy doesn’t want to have to do much work, and also works very well if the male partner is overweight. Basically the girl wants to straddle the guy while he’s laying down, facing towards his face. The female’s knees should be on the bed, like she was kneeling down. Of course, the fun part is that she’s kneeling down on your penis. The woman should have plenty of action just using her legs and hips to move, but for a different sensation, she should try leaning forward slightly and placing her hands on her man’s chest. This will allow her to go as deep as she wants whilst having a “safeguard” to ensure she doesn’t accidentally take too much and hurt herself.

3. No, not like Snoop Dogg

Doggystyle (the position, not the terrible MTV series) is one of my favorite positions with new partners. First of all, it allows the girl to take as much or as little of me as she wants, and she is able to angle her body to get the angle she wants to hit her G spot as well. She can do all this just by moving her hips and the spacing of her legs – she doesn’t have to say a word! The other advantage of this position is that you have your hands free to do whatever you want. Depending on her preferences, she might like her hair pulled slightly, be spanked while you guys are going at it, and you can even play with her tits or rub her clitoris during the sex (or hold on to her hips and pull her towards you as you thrust in if you really want to give her some intense stimulation). For something extra-hot, do it in an area where you have access to a mirror. Face the mirror head-on while you’re doing it Doggystyle, and it’s almost like watching your very own porn as you go. If you find a woman who doesn’t go crazy over this, let me know – because I haven’t found one yet!

Source by Daniel Scott