Technology advances in many areas make it possible to build devices that were not possible 20, 10, or even 5 years ago. The rapid evolution of Integrated Circuits (IC) has been one key factor and the other key factors are the rapid development of color screens and camera's. Advances in IC's have led to the reduction in size and weight of mobile terminals as the processing needed can be done faster using smaller devices and at reduced cost. Color screens with high resolution allow complex applications and services to be visually displayed that 10 years ago would have been in science fiction movies. The pace at which these advances in technology are occurring is mind boggling and is difficult to predict.

The Apple iPhone is an excellent example of a phone that is small, slick and has some amazing applications that 5 years ago would have been difficult to support on such a device. Apple have shown traditional mobile manufacturers such as Nokia and Ericsson that application driven devices offering services that customers want is far better than a high specification mobile supporting the latest 3GPP specification. The iPhone may be a weaker device in terms of its RF capabilities but the average person does not really care about that provided the phone works.

The Google G1 was produced in collaboration with T-Mobile following the foot step of Apple iPhone. However although it had some amazing applications the phone was not user friendly as the iPhone and was not a success after its launch. Google G2 is a second attempt at capturing some of the markets Apple has gained through their iPhone solution.

Overall these new phones are allowing people to easily access the internet, browse normal websites and manage their e-mail accounts with just one click of a button. The numbers of applications are huge with many new ones coming out each week. I think finally we have the applications to match what was promised when third generation mobile networks were first launched.

I just can not wait to get my hand on the next killer mobile with funky applications such as the Apple iPhone and its services.

Source by S Ali