he Taser stun gun is considered the ultimate in self-defense for multiple reasons: 1) It is used by law enforcement and civilian alike, 2) It was the first self-defense product on the market that provided ranged incapacitation via electricity, and 3) TASER as a company is known for its customer service such as its offer to replace any C2 Taser left at the scene of an attack (so the customer could run away!). It’s likely you haven’t considered one or more of these, so let’s take a closer look at each.

Police Officers AND Civilians Use Tasers

As you might have guessed, there are certain Taser models that are only available to police officers. But don’t be fooled, this doesn’t mean that civilians aren’t provided with the best product in self-defense. The differences between the C2 Taser (the most common civilian product) and the M26 and, more recently, X26 police models more distinguish the difference between self-defense and law enforcing offense. The most obvious differentiator is the range: The newer X26 Taser can hit a target 35 feet (10.6 meters) away, while the C2 Taser is limited to 15 feet (4.5 meters), which is more than enough range for its defensive purposes. As a side note, the X26C Taser is available for civilians.

Ranged Electronic Incapacitation

Stun guns were available long before Tasers, but the largest down-side of a stun gun (compared to that of say pepper spray) was that you had to be in contact with your attacker to subdue him. Taser’s ground-breaking technology allowed basically a ranged stun gun: Compressed nitrogen cartridges propel metal prongs-which are connected through insulated wiring to the battery-into your attacker from a distance. This “Taser stun gun” made for a new breed of self-defense product.

TASER and Customer Service

When Taser came out with its first product, one of the scariest factors with using it (or biggest cons to buying it) was that once you subdued your attacker, you would have to retrieve the metal prongs. Now, even though you could just pull them out from a distance, once you did this, your attacker would slowly regain muscular mobility. Taser annihilated this fear by making an “on” switch of sorts and telling customers that if they were faced by an attacker, they should shoot, turn the Taser to “on,” set it on the ground, and run away, and Taser would replace the product! This offer made it obvious that TASER had the customer’s well-being in mind.

The Taser stun gun is truly the most advanced piece of self-defense technology on the market today. The stopping power it provides makes it perfect for both law enforcement and civilians alike. Women at risk everywhere can completely flip the tables on potential attackers: A 90 pound woman can hit a 300 pound man from 15 feet away, dropping him to the ground in seconds. She can then drop the taser stun gun and run. If the worst happens, and the attacker DOES get up to you, the Taser still works as a contact stun gun!

Source by Stephen Buller