Friends and family members often like to put together surprise parties for their loved ones biggest special occasions. The hard parts are usually keeping the party a secret and making it a surprise for the guest of honor. There are ways to keep surprise parties a surprise, but the party planners have to be committed and sneaky.

Sometimes party planners will hold the surprise party way before the event they are celebrating such as someone's birthday, but this has drawbacks as it can seem premature and not as special a celebration. One way to compensate this is by having the party after the important day and this can be very successful because the guest of honor's guard will be down and they will not be expecting the big surprise. Other's like to celebrate with a surprise party by holding two parties. The first being a very small, cheap party to throw off the guest of honor's suspensions and then later, even just a few hours later on the same day giving them the big surprise party.

There are a lot of great decorative ideas you can use for your surprise party. A glitz and glam party filled with metallic dangles and paper supply trimmed in silver and gold will ensure the guests have a fun time with an upper-class feel. Or a special themed party sending the partygoers back in time can be just the ticket, especially when the party is a birthday celebration. A 70s, 80s or even 90s surprise party can really surprise the guest of honor and brighten their day. For this party you can quickly pick up some afro wigs and groovy headbands to match the 70s. An 80s theme needs more material style with cool sunglasses and teased hair and the 90s party rocks with grungy clothes and some inflatable guitars scattered around the area.

Source by Gail Leino