Many crimes are "random" crimes and can happen to anyone at any time. Anyone can be a victim. One way to prevent crime is to be able to protect yourself anyway that you can and always be alert to the possibility of danger around you. My goal is to try to tell you about some very effective methods of protecting yourself, including using stun gun self defense. If more people were willing to protect them the crime rate would probably go down. And one of the best ways to stop the crime before it occurs is to bring a form of self defense with you where you go and keep it handy in case of an emergency situation.

There are many types of self defense weapons available today that will allow you to temporarily make an attacker helpless and not permanently injure them. (Although at the time you would probably like to permanently injure them.) You can have the advantage of stopping an attacker without killing them. And at the same time you can save your life or at least save yourself from being assaulted, robbed, or raped

I know you would really like to see a cut in the number of crimes in your neighborhood and the best way to do that is carrying a form of self defense with you. This can a type of stun gun self defense or even pepper sprays.

You can find some of the crime statistics in the FBI's report on crimes in the US every year. The number of crimes each year in the United States alone is staggering. It would be nice to never become a crime statistic, and you can help ensure that by being pro-active and carrying some form of protection with you where ever you go. That is where stun gun self defense and other types of self defense, including pepper sprays and personal alerts can help you stay safe. Every life is so important and crimes impact so many of those lives. Do not become another crime statistic, protect yourself and your loved ones.

Stun gun self defense is a very safe way for you to protect yourself. There is a safety switch on them that prevails them from going off accidentally. And when you are disarming an attacker, only he will feel the shock.

Would not it be nice if everyone in your neighborhood transported some form of self defense including stun gun self defense. Criminals would have to think twice about committing a crime in the neighborhood and might move on to places where people were not protecting themselves.

Source by Randy S Post