We all want to inspire young people, but we can not do it if we are not inspired on a continuous basis ourselves This can sometimes be difficult to do in today's world filled with depressing news. It takes effort.

Great teachers and great coaches know you have to keep yourself balanced and optimistic. It is not what you say to young people; it is the example they see in you which is most important. This is why some people say, "I talk and talk, and talk and it does not do any good." Kids are intuitive. They know if you are living by the principles, you are trying to teach them. For example, if you tell them to be positive, and you are acting depressed, they will not be motivated to be positive. Why should they listen to you?

How to keep yourself inspired:

1. Take time to read messages from some self-help or spiritual book everyday. Biographies are great to keep you inspired. Reading about how others overcame opposition helps you get through your challenges.

2. Daily exercise is not only the healthy thing to do, but it keeps your spirits high by raising your energy levels. You can not motivate others if you are tired and lethargic.

3. Surround yourself with positive people. You do not need people who are going to keep bringing you down. If they are relatives, tell them in a loving way that you are trying to improve your life, and are not going to engage in negative conversations. If they persist, tell them simply that you will have to talk to them later when the conversation is not so depressing to you. Sometimes they will get the message and know that if they talk to you, they are going to have to be more positive. This helps them to be more conscious of what they are saying and improving their lives as well. Often people are simply not aware of how negative they are to others. They do not realize that this is exactly why their lives may be falling apart.

4. Find a mentor. Mentors can be teachers, spiritual leaders, or anyone you admire. Write a letter or email someone successful to ask them how they became successful, they may surprise you and write back.

5. Write down your goals. Keep them in your wallet or purse and look at them on a daily basis.

6. Find quotes and write down affirmations that lift you. Read them as often as possible.

7. Listen to motivation tapes in the morning while getting dressed to start your day. If you are open, find spiritual books and tapes to uplift yourself.

You will never know how much you have changed the life of a child, teen, or young adult. Sometimes they will not even realize the impact you have had on their life until years later. So, do not expect them to lavish you with compliments. You may not even see an immediate difference in their behaviors. However, know, they are taking in everything thing you say and they are watching your behaviors. Simply be the best you can be and keep yourself inspired and motivated. You are bound to make a difference in a young person's life, and even in yours.

Source by Walter H. Jackson