San Francisco is actually both a city and a county and is a very large and densely populated region of the state of California. If considered from the aspect of population than S.F. is on 12th number in whole America for being most populous while if considered in regard with density of population it is second most densely populated city of United States of America. The city is actually a hub of transport, finance and culture in the whole San Francisco Bay Area. The infrastructure of San Francisco city is a great developed one with some really great highways and bridges built that lead to other cities and counties.

S.F. has its own International airport that is actually situated in San Mateo County but is under authority of San Francisco city. The transportation network of San Francisco is a huge one with all types of transportation means available to people living and visiting “the city by the Bay”. There are options available to travel by road, by air, by water and through trains too. Even the cable car services are also available to take you to different places.

When you are a traveler visiting San Francisco you need to take care of one thing that try not to hire a private car for yourself because there is a huge problem of finding parking for it wherever you move around in the city. Using public transport that includes buses, cable cars, and trolleys is the best idea to save your money and time both. There are double Decker buses that stop at every worth watching place. In fact walking around the city wherever you can is also a good option to be considered. Cable cars also take you to many famous destinations in the city that you may use to enjoy a different form of rides.

Taxis can also be used as a mean of transportation while the BART is also there as mass transit system not to visit tourist places but if you want to reach airport or other areas. It is easy to get around San Francisco on water too as several ferry services are available to take you around so many places.

Source by Deevan Aw