The whole wireless communication strategy has changed with the invention of mobile phones. They have brought tremendous change in the communication behavior. Several mobile companies are competitive to offer best to the customers. Samsung is the remarkable name in the industry. This company has become a brand in itself and is offering techno-savvy gadgets at cost-effective prices. Today, it has earned a distinct place by introducing slider phones. With innovative features, they are stylish devices. In its portfolio, it has a lot of devices ranging from D-Series to E-Series, and X-series to U-Series phones. The G-Series Samsung mobile phones are the latest offers by the company. These new generation models promises quality and excellence. With style and fashion, they are equipped with advanced technologies. The newest G series models are the examples of quality and excellence. They are the latest buzz in the mobile industry.

This third largest manufacturer has presented several gadgets with unique characteristics. They are more focused on making slider phones. With fashion and sophistication, they are designed to meet the specific needs of customers. Similar to other renamed brands, the company offers tech-rich devices that act as communication and infotainment gadgets. Customers can get everything from music player to digital camera and internet to FM radio in the handset. The company is offering mobile in varied price range. Its long list of innovative design includes candy, flip up, clamshell, curvaceous, slider and swivel.

The Samsung G600 and Samsung G800 are the emblem of innovativeness. They are loaded with advanced features. The G600 is a slider device. It has 5 mega pixel camera which ensures high quality photos and videos. With features like auto focus, flash and other user-friendly camera mode and photo settings, it provides a complete entertainment package. For the music lovers, it has brilliant music player with excellent sound quality. There are several other features like embedded Java games, Bluetooth, EDGE, USB, FM radio and GPRS etc. Another model G800 can be compared to a mini-computer. Equipped with 3G technology, it supports tri-band technology. You can enjoy a faster internet connection with the RSS feed. There are some more unique functions such as TV output, digital camera, mobile printing, massive internal storage and lots more. The Samsung U700 has 3 mega pixel camera, video recording, 20 MB internal memory and music player.

Source by Kaitlin Dasia