Every person has a different way of responding to one single situation and retirement is one such situation. Some people would feel happy about it on the other hand some would feel really bad. The party must be focused on acknowledging the qualities and the commitment that the individual has given to a specific institution, which must be mentioned in bold words. It must be remembered that whatever Retirement Party Games you come up with must be sorted out intelligently.

Funniest Story of Retiree

This is a very simple game. The retiree must be the focus, so he or she must be sitting in the first lane of your sitting arrangement. In this Retirement Party Game, every participant is asked to come forward and tell a funny story or a funny experience or an interesting experience about the person who is getting retired. It must be taken into great consideration that all the stories must be listened to first by the party organizers because if they feel that any story is offensive or can be perceived negatively must not be shared so that a bad air can be prevented in the party and everything just goes well and as planned. The person who will share the best story will be termed a winner with the show of hands and the person getting retired will be handing out the prize and will be having a picture with him or her who shared the story.

Time To Learn

The person who is getting retired is a book of wisdom who has gone through a lot of different times in his life and has seen the ups and downs of a company, which can be shared by him at the end of the party. Just ask the retiree to come forward and share the words of wisdom so that everyone can learn from him or her and can add that valuable information to their knowledge base so that they can utilize it in their life. After the words of wisdom are shared, the entire team can present the retiree with a scrap book with photos arranged of him or her at different times or a movie of different times, which are obviously a good memory and will always be a refresher of the different events for that person.

We all are going to retire at one point in time in our lives, so we have to make sure that the person who is getting retired must be acknowledge with words of kindness and must be made a time to remember. As a last word, select the Retirement Party Games that are the best.

Source by Gail Leino