Have you ever wanted to get a public speaking job and speak for a living?

How about a job that pays well, enriches your life and the lives of others, offers opportunities for travel, and can possibly make you a celebrity, does that sound appealing to you?

Public speaking is an art and a profitable business that lets you address the masses and touch them with the power of words, confidence, and persuasion. It is also a skill which you can use to motivate and inspire audiences with moving speakers.

The best way to start with this career is to assess your skills as a speaker at first. Whether it is for weddings, free seminars, or just group talks, grab every opportunity to speak at any function or event. Ask for feedback from the listeners after speches. Tell your family and friends to be brutally honest. It will help you.

Confidence is a major attribute in public speaking. People will usually only want motivational advice from someone who is a self-assured and poised individual. With blunt criticisms, further experience, and constant efforts to improve, you will begin to gain confidence as you make progress in your public speaker career.

Positioning yourself in the market as a public speaker is the tricky part of the business. There are a lot of good speakers out there and the competition is high. Do not let that discourage you. You can learn from your competitors by simply knowing what works for them and finding out what their strengths are and where you could improve on their weaknesses or shortcomings. Amazingly, the market is so versatile that you can surely find a niche where you can fit in quite well.

To make your career in public speaking profitable, you should have the mindset of a marketer. This is a business after all and the products are your topics and speeches. Marketing them is vital to your career. Any respectable businessperson should know what the market desires and can use that information to capitalize on that desire.

It is very important to have a topic that appeals to your niche. With great topics, you can get booked frequently. Great topics can even last you a lifetime. Great speakers have traveled the world just with one topic. Of course, delivery of the speeches is also imperative. Once you get your attentions attention really touch them and inspire them into action. With each successful speech you will generate a lot of referrals and testimonials from satisfied customers. People will recommend you to other companies or groups.

No matter what your niche might be, you should be aware who the buyers are. Planners and organization heads are usually the people to talk to in order to get booked for events. Know their soft spots and package your services based on their needs and wants. You should always come out as a professional who specializes on their needs. Getting paid is for generalists. Getting paid lucratively is for specialists.

Becoming a public speaker does not stop at being able to give a speech. In order to be a successful speaker you must expand your business off the stage and outside the seminar rooms. Financially successful speakers create materials such as books, CDs, and manuals to sustain their services as well as profitability. In this way you can earn income with or without the speaking engagements.

A career in public speaking is a rewarding job. You must have passion to be a truly successful motivational speaker.

Source by James R. Malinchak