Online copywriting is one of the highest paid copywriting jobs in the world today. Large corporations depend on this profession to attract traffic to their websites and to increase their sales. For anyone who dreams of becoming an online copywriter, here are four tried and true online copywriting techniques that will disarm cynicism and vigorously at the same time.

Tell a story. Everybody loves an absorbing story that captures the emotions. Storytelling has always been an effective method of seasoned online copywriters in creating empathy with prospects. Stories, particularly the ones that can relate to the situation of readers, can engage the mind and heart in ways that other selling techniques can never accomplish.

True stories allow the copywriter to show readers that he understands their situation and he has the product or service that can help solve their problem. In addition, stories allow readers to draw their own conclusion about what is being presented to them.

Create interest in the headline. An effective online copywriting can immediately catch a reader's attention with the very first line. Craftily combine the product's benefits with power words like guarantee, excellent, proven, exceptional etc. A web page only has ten seconds to grab the attention of readers. In that span of time, a copywriter has to use strong attention-grabbing words to make readers stay and read the rest of the copy. This is a challenge every copywriter has to face; it's a little hard but possible to produce.

Less is more. A copy that is too wordy can confuse and bore a reader. If possible, a copywriter should use bullet points instead of lengthy paragraphs in explaining a product's benefit. A copy written in this format can make reading a lot easier and can make the important points more noticeable.

Create Urgency. Online copywriting is creating urgency. Readers should be impelled to take action after reading the copy. They should know what they will gain or lose if they do not order the product. The copy should say something like: "Free registration until July" or "For limited time only, order now".

Source by Paula Cambridge