Perhaps in no other literary work is the notion of Hubris / self love / super ego more precalent than in Sophocles Oedipus Rex. While it is true that Oedipus' arrogance leads way to his perceived self destruction, we can just as positively view Oedipus as the Christ like martyr. The narratives are strikingly similar. In much the same way that Christ's body is broken so is Oedipus'. In much the same way that Christ freely accepts death in order to save a people, Oedipus willingly breaks his body so that his people may live. Oedipus more than cares for, rather he loves his people. His perception of the greater good does not absolve him from his proclamation, that the murderer of Laius be banished. As such the greatest punishment is dealt by his hand to himself willingly.

Arguably, Oedipus can be compared to Prometheus as a giver of light, as one who illuminated that truth which lurks just beneeth the surface. However, truth is not pure, it is ripe with the malevolence of mankind, it is shrouded for we as the audience do best wondering in the "fool's paradise." While Oedipus knows this he does not let it influence his course. He was salvation incarnate to Thebes before and he shall be again. He does not hold his tongue, his does not allow concealment of the truth. Rather he seeks it out and then prominently displays it for his people presenting for us the starkest of juxtapositions: Oedipus the king and Oedipus the scourge.

Source by Peter Cennamo