When recruiting people online in your network marketing business the best thing to do is to post them in a friendly way to build a relationship with them first. The worst thing you can do is go ahead and say join my business and send them your link, if you’re wondering why the answer is simple you will be considered spam. The reason I tell you this and I know this is because I was there and I did that. I learned that by building a relationship with someone and having a real conversation with them these allow more down the line than sending them my link which they will probably never click.

Just think about how you would react if someone was to send you their link without even knowing your name or knowing who you were. I know many times someone has sent me link without asking my name and I simply simply delete the e-mail or the message that the person has sent me.

It doesn’t make sense to spam somebody who doesn’t even know you, remember you’ll building a relationship that you’re building a reputation with those people you interact with. It doesn’t cost much to say hi.

When you learn to master the art of building a relationship that you won’t have to goal to recruit anybody because they will be coming to you. This is the trick the most gurus don’t tell you. All it takes is making that adjustment is start to build a relationship today. So the next time you talk to somebody always remember say hi know the name and do not send the link.

Source by Omar Negron