Are you a movie lover? Do you wait for every upcoming movie and read every review on on-going ones? Do you collect posters and pictures of movies? Do you know the actors and actresses in it? The plot and the people behind it. If so, you have a very good elearning potential.

You can organize your movie talent into written words and convert it to a website.

Things you will have to place in the site:

1. The Plot
2. The Actors
3. Trailer-even links will suffice.
4. Pictures
5. Your opinion about the upcoming movie.
6. Location

The above items can be acquired by visiting the main page of the movie, researching about it and writing your own words into your site. You can even add trivias. Maybe about the shoot location or the actors in the film, or even a history of the film if it is a remake. Also search for games related to the movie. Most of the times for new movies you can ask game publishers to add links of their game for the upcoming movies to your site. Who knows you may even earn something by referring.

How to build the site:

1. Building a for the site.

You will have to register a domain name for the site ex. HellboyMovie.Com if it is still available, or create a variation.

Look for hosting. Free hosting is available This one I use for my sites.

Look for a free website template. There are a lot of professional website templates in the net. Simply go to Google and in the search box, type free website template.

Using website templates is more advisable than making your own, unless you are a designer. If you do not have the knack for it. Simply download a professional template matching the movie you are writing about.

2. Write a blog about it.

Nowadays, making a blog is a dime a dozen, actually not even a dime because they come for free. When you write about a movie in a blog. make sure that the entire blog is about a single movie. This will give your blog focus. Also work extra hours in adding pictures and articles related to the movie you are featuring.

Movies are visual by nature. Purely text reviews will tire the audience. Unlike information pages.

Go to to start a blog for the movie. The good thing about blogger is that it comes with templates so you do not have to worry about the look and feel of the site. It also shows articles per day so you can actually make a count down till the showing of the movie.

For free pictures of the stars and of the movie. Go the site of the producer. If that is still not enough go to royalty free picture sites. check out if they have pictures of the movie in stock.

How to monetize the site:

1. There are several ways to monetize. The easiest is by applying in AdSense.

Go to AdSense to apply for an AdSense account. this will give you instructions on how to include AdSense to your site. Include an account number assigned to you to monitor clicks on your site.

If you use blogger. Adding AdSense is as simple as clicking a button. Although you will still have to apply for an AdSense account.

AdSense account pays you a certain centavo for every clicks on their advertisement on your site.

2. Sell your site

Selling your site is only possible if you have your own or sub-domain. For blogs I have not heard yet of transactions involving free blog accounts being sold.

you can go to click on the marketplace button and submit your site. Put in an expected minimum price and simply wait for inquiries. Select the highest bidder and sell.

You must have a paypal account to sell websites, or other options wherein you may receive payment. You may then have to turn over to the buyer the passwords and location to the site upon receipt of payment.

How much is a site worth

This may vary, also depends on how much you want. The best thing to gauge is by going to and checking out how much your site is worth. Then multiply it by at least 5 times. You can also check out marketplace page and compare your price with other movie sites for sale.

I encountered a fan site for Hellboy 2 movie for sale at about 3,000.00 dollars which was sold in about 2 days after posting. I am not sure about the info since I lost the link to the site but from memory I can say that I was amazed at how much the site fetched. It could not have taken the author of the site a month to do it, most of the materials could just have been reworded from other sources and pictures grabbed from other sites and yet it was sold at 3,000.00 USD. I can still feel my saliva drip. hehehe.

The moral of this story is, if you have a knack for movies..I urge you, write a movie review! and build a movie site!

Source by Raul Omar Diaz