A young child is like a sponge and the brain is ready to absorb and be challenged. This is something many now realize when they present lessons to babies. Flash cards are great to teach the alphabet and recognition of articles and other things. Early learning books teach them to read and write at exceptional young ages. It is also the time when religious organizations brainwash them into things that are wrong and from which the child may never escape.

This organic sponge we call the brain takes whatever is presented to it and channels are opened in which the knowledge lies until it is required. My reincarnation wave me memory of my former life and opened channels through the knowledge brought with me on my journey.

Born with a different language to my parents that could not influence or override it and the source of my contact is the Great Spirit of the Universe, the only real God (Isaiah 45: 4-8). It is because of this that things observed from my birth have built a picture of the deception and fraud put up by religious bodies that are now destroying the world.

For the young child memory of reincarnation may be present and they may even speak about it. That, however, is quickly frowned upon by those who are brain-washed into the idea of ​​heaven and hell. Those places do not exist but it is what the establishment depends on for power and control.

Children regulated and conditioned by religious institutions are more easily controlled than those who are not. They are taught to obey the government and to abide by the permissions over them and that is why they are now at logger-heads with each other and why terrorism is gaining such strength.

Kings, governments, and other forces depend on religions, therefore, to regulate and control the masses and that is the very reason for their existence. Only those with a strong link to the Spirit know to come away from them and that children reared with minds to think for themselves are far stronger mentally than others. Training the brain is unnecessary when the Spirit moves within them to show the path ahead, as happened in my case.

Source by Norma Holt