The downside of being in your 40’s is that you maybe carry a few extra pounds, you have more grey hair than you had before, or less hair, and the fine lines of your 30’s are now clearly wrinkles. On the positive side, yes there is hope, you will probably be more confident and secure in yourself, be well established in your career and be comfortable with your own sense of style, having learnt from the fashion mistakes that you probably made in your teens or your twenties.

However being in your 40’s doesn’t necessarily mean that you can rest on your laurels when it comes to fashion, the main principle is to accept your age and don’t try to dress the way of a teenager or a man in his early twenties, you will go a long way to achieving this by avoiding the latest trends, which are usually designed for men of a younger age, be assured that your age will give you away if you try to keep up with the younger generation. Don’t even be tempted if fashionable items you wore when you were younger come back into fashion, leave your past where it is and embrace your age.

In your 40’s the best style tip is to keep it simple, loud patterns and prints should be left to the younger men, while you should opt for a smart, sophisticated, well fitted look. Make sure your clothes fit you well, this is particularly important as we age and our body shapes change slightly, oversized or ill fitting clothes can look very bad. Always opt for well cut. clean lines and crisp shirts, which give a mature and stylish appearance.

Away from the office, if you opt for jeans, ensure they are straight legged and not too baggy and definitely not ripped, choose simple shirts and casual shoes rather than trainers, opt for classic designs when buying clothes which will ensure you look stylish and you won’t have the worry of keeping up with all the latest trends. Trying to dress like the younger generation sends out the message of a midlife crisis, embrace your age and dress accordingly.

Keep on top of your physical appearance and accept the signs of aging rather than deny them, don’t try and disguise thinning or greying hair, and make sure you are well shaven, facial hair at this age can make you look much older. When your are in your 40’s you should be confident and comfortable with your appearance which is one advantage that maturity has over youth every time.

Source by Louise Owen