Mobile computing will never be the same with the advent of Seamless Wi-Fi's S-Gen UMPC, or Ultra Mobile Personal Computer. In an era when computer manufacturers are developing smaller PC solutions to meet the nomadic nature of today's consumers, the S-Gen stands out as one of the most robust, yet smallest, micro PC's available on the market. It has already made appearances on the Montel Williams Show and at numerous shows in Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Massachusetts, and Washington, DC

Ultra mobile is a bit of an understatement. The S-Gen weighs a mere 16 ounces and measures in with a length of 6.5 inches, a width of 3.8 inches, and a depth of 1.25 inches. Despite its diminutive size, this "pocket" PC comes complete with a near full size keyboard, TFT touch screen display, and 20 GB hard drive. Of course, it also has all of the bells and whistles of other mobile products, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular wireless technology. Maybe surprising to some would be the fact that the S-Gen also features an integrated GPS system with internal antennae.

Of course, being able to map your location and see your destination is only useful if you have enough battery power to get you through to the end of your trip. Fear not, the Seamless Wi-Fi S-Gen has a battery life in excess of 8 hours. That is roughly 4 times longer than traditional laptop battery life and double the endurance of higher capacity notebook batteries. When you consider just how many functions the S-Gen is capable of, you will realize that you need every bit of those 8 hours. The S-Gen is especially a tri-band cell phone, MP3 player, GPS navigation system, and mobile computer all wrapped up into one very portable package.

The S-Gen is so power-packed that it has been featured in PC Magazine, Laptop Magazine, The Mercury News, and The New York Post. Let's not forget the S-Gen's reviews on DL.TV, Geekzone, and ZDNet just to name a few. All of this positive publicity can only strengthen Seamless Wi-Fi's sales numbers when the S-Gen officially launches on July 1, 2008. The estimated retail price is $ 1,195, a very reasonable value when you consider the four or five devices that this unit will replace when you purchase it.

Recently, at the "Money Show" in Las Vegas, Nevada, Seamless Wi-Fi demonstrated the many features of the S-Gen to businessmen from all over the world. One of the demonstrations that seemed to surprise some was the ability to take a SIM card from any wireless phone, pop it into the S-Gen and immediately starting making calls. The company received a lot of interest while at the show and is very optimistic about the sales potential of this one-of-a-kind product.

Seamless Wi-Fi, Inc. (SMWF), a development stage company, is an Internet company that is developing cutting edge technologies to create and provide new and innovative products and services for both businesses and consumers. The company is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, has three operating subsidiaries, and engages in the development and marketing of Internet communications products and services in the United States. The company provides wireless Internet access service known as wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) in Wi-Fi hot pots. It also develops software program that provides Wi-Fi users with Seamless-Secure Internet browsing, which encrypts the user's Wi-Fi signal.

Seamless Wi-Fi recently announced the pending launch of a big brother to the S-Gen, the S-NBK-1 mini-notebook. The S-NBK-1, which is available now, contains a 10.2 "TFT screen, 1.6 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM, 80GB hard drive, and Windows® XP operating system. a MSRP in the mid $ 500's, which they feel is very competitively priced for the growing mini-notebook market.

Source by Rodney Marvel