How would you describe your biggest weakness? If the answer is doing job interviews, now is the time to fix that situation. Knowing common interview questions is only a small part of being prepared for an interview. Here are some more key points to help you get the job.

Have copies of your resume and reference sheet ready. Sending your resume by email is great. But when it's time to meet an employer face to face, it's time to present a hard copy. Hand the resume to each person at the beginning of the interview. Save the reference sheet for the end of the interview.

Be ready to dress for success. Make sure you dress a little above the job you're going for. When in doubt, wear a suit or skirt suit, depending on your gender. This may seem like overkill for some positions, but you definitely do not want to take a chance on being under dressed.

Having an extra set of clothes for a follow up interview is a nice touch if you can afford it. If not, you should at least wear a different shirt and tie, or chance up the accessories.

A very important part of the interview is being on time. How do you prepare for that? The best way is to rehearse the drive. If you are not familiar with the area and exactly how long it takes to get there, if at all possible you should make the drive a day or two before the interview. Note the time of day and traffic conditions. If you can drive there at the same time as your appointment, that's even better. Do not leave anything to chance. Be on time!

Got all that? Good! These are all very basic things to do when you get your job search in gear. Keep these tips in mind and you will not make simple mistakes that take you out of the running for the position. Being prepared for an interview may help you reduce the amount of time you spend looking for a job.

Source by Elton Lowe