The little black book was elegantly designed and wrapped in a white slip cover. The author, Scottish advertising executive David Miller was bearing as he described the background behind the creation of his story "The Ghost of Bobby."

David is one of a new breed of authors who have decided to take the power of the Internet and use it for self publishing.

He created the story of a 19th century family protected by a ghost dog against a sinister killer. The target audience for the book ranges from ages 9 to 13 years of both sexes.

Miller created the book in association with illustrator, Julia Kuo. With the help of 72andSunny Publishing, he has produced a unique campaign to promote the project.

The rise of websites like Youtube, Facebook, Myspace and others have allowed creative people to control the message and the medium without outlaying aggressive expense.

Miller has set up a video trailer for the book "The Ghost of Bobby". The eerie soundtrack and dark animation chills the blood while the voice-over (created by the author) predicts the dangers which lie ahead.

"The idea is to reach the parents who love ghost stories and who will buy the book for their kids. said David.

The dense growth of online clubs, newsgroups and net communities has not only allowed marketing experts to closely study the needs and habits of distinct market segments, it also allows for instant two-way communication and marketing feedback.

It allows authors to find out from readers if they like what they've read and if they want more. Blogs allow authors to even perform a virtual book tour as they guest blog and contribute to other author's sites and book reviewer's sites as well.

"We've found that we can sell a lot of books by first generating word of mouth marketing through the Internet." explained David. "The strategy is to get enough people to review the book by invitation, and have them promote the book because they really feel like doing it." said David Miller.

"The Ghost of Bobby" is written by David Miller, published by 72andSunny Publishing, and is the gritty tale of a 19th century English family which twin children, Sammy and Thomas, are forced to embark on a journey of terror against a sinister man named Skeats.

Skeats pursues the family from the streets of London to Paris and back, fortunately, always under the ever-watchful protection of a powerful and mysterious phantom dog named Bobby.

The Ghost Of Bobby website links to its own YouTube channel as well as its own MySpace, Facebook and Squidoo pages. The author writes on his blog as well. The Ghost of Bobby is a little gem of a book that aims to secure its place in children's book publishing by its solid story idea as well as the unique marketing strategy its author implements.

The book retails for $ 19.99 and is available for sale on For more information or to get your free review copy, visit The Ghost of bobby website for details.

Source by Dennis Francis