Submitting articles to different directories is one of the best methods that we can use to promote our site or online business. For submitting articles we need articles and not only that we need good articles. The first thing which comes in our mind is that we are not very good at writing articles. It is also too hard to find a topic to write about.

Problem on writing good article : Well the main problem with writing article is I do not consider my self to be an expert on any topic. My English is not very good at all. This may be the problem with other peoples also, but as you all can see that I have tried my best to write one article in the similar way you all can try to write. Well it is sure that we can not break the ice, but we can at least try for that.

The other problem for writing article is the selection of the proper topic on which we can write some thing. We need not to go to a long distance for the answer of this question. We can directly go to our own website, and pick the topic from there only. We can easily choose the products or services which we are providing or the theme of our site or can select any page of our site and can write some thing different but related to the same content which is their in our site. Well I can suggest a few things to the readers that please select the topic area that suits you very well or you are feeling comfortable with. Do not try to write on a topic on which you are thinking that you are not an expert.

Writing good article : It is simply quite difficult for the beginners but as and when you will be mature enough then you can easily write good articles. Well after writing some thing on a topic you can consult some one who is good enough for correcting your article, this way you can also know what the mistakes you have made while writing are. Well I can point out one important thing here also, one good article can make a good reputation of your site but one bad article will certainly wash away all the reputation of your sites. It really takes a long time to build a good reputation of a particular site, but it clearly takes a few second to destroy all the reputation. So be very very careful before submitting your article to the world world. Let it be checked by the professional's and when they will tell you that it is OK then you can submit to any site who accepts free article. I can mention here three good sites whose reputation is quite high and also they have a large number of visitors. You can easily submit your article to these sites and your site will clearly get lots and lots of traffic due to this article. The sites are: –




There are many sites other than these which accept free article submission. You need to search them and submit your article over there. So be prepared and write whatever you want.

Source by Alok Vats