Whenever we look at a beautiful photograph on our computer, we feel like adding it to our cell phone. But most of the times, we keep on wondering how to do this. Internet is a great medium for sending the image files from your computer to a cell phone. Although there are several ways for doing this, I am going to discuss here the simplest methods.

Through E Mail

This is the most common and easiest methods of sending pictures to a cell phone from the internet. Open your email application and compose a message. Insert the pictures in the message body that you want to send to your cell phone. The size of the images should not be too heavy; otherwise your phone might not support them. Re-size the images using some software and reduce them to approximately 680 x 480 or less. You must have the E Mail ID of your cell phone. In case you do not have it, confirm it from your mobile support service representative. Send files to this ID and receive your required pictures on phone carrier. Once you receive the mail, save in the phone / card memory.

Through Specialized Websites

If you can not use email, there are several specialized websites which help in sending pictures available in your computers to your phone carrier. For Example, Pixdrop.com, Send2cellphone.com, etc. are few sites, through which you can send images from desktop to cell phone. Sending pictures through these sites is convenient, but you must take care if the website supports your phone carrier or not. For Example, Pixdrop.com supports only limited number of phones such as Verizon, Sprint, etc. Upload the appropriately sized image in the website, add the recipient's number and click on "Send" button to send your pictures.

Through Messaging Software

This is another way of sending pictures from the internet to a mobile phone. Messaging software can be desktop-based as well as online. Download desktop messaging software from internet and activate it. This type of software typically works on "credits" or "points". Enter the mobile number in "To" text box. Browse the files from your computer and upload them. Press the "Send SMS" button and receive them in your cell phone's inbox. Internet has made our lives very easy and above mentioned is a suitable example for it. By using these simple methods, you can share your memories with your dear one without spending too much.

Source by Puneet V