Everyone has difficulty finding the best way to set up their first drum kit. The first thing done wrong in setting up a drum set is having the drum kit in front of you as opposed to positioning yourself in front of the drum kit in a comfortable fashion. Make sure that your throne is correctly positioned, along with all of your drums and cymbals.

You also need to consider what type of music you are going to play. If you are playing rock music, you should keep your hi-hat in the best natural position. If you are going to play blues or jazz, you should keep the ride cymbal in the best natural position.

Whenever you feel like you've set up your drums to the best of your abilities, try this: put down the drum sticks and you should be able to touch every single piece on the drum kit with your hand.

There is not necessarily a perfect way to set up your drum kit but in order to reach your full playing potential you should follow the simple steps below below.

1. The drum throne height should be adjusted so that there's a bend in your knees of no more than 90 degrees. Sit up straight & as far forward on the stool as possible in order to improve power to your feet, which will help your project energy forward.

2. The bass drum should have its legs extended so that it sits securely on the ground. Position the kick drum pedal onto the bass drum so that it does not force your legs & feet into any uncomfortable positions.

3. Place the snare drum & stand between your legs at about waist level. The snare drum can be set up flat or at an angle, which is more comfortable.

4. The Toms should be mounted tightly so they do not move when they are being played. They should be positioned around the snare drum so so that they are easy to hit without having to strain.

5. The ride cymbal & hi-hats should be adjusted so that there is plenty of clearance over the toms and the snare drum. The hi-hat is placed next to the snare drum, the ride cymbal is placed next to the floor tom & any crash cymbals should be placed in front of the kit itself. Once all the cymbals are arranged correctly, they can then be located to your preference.

Source by H Gwynnsh