In case you do not know what podcasting is,
here is a brief definition about it.

Podcasting is audio content, such as a MP3 Player,
that is sent over a RSS feed. Podcasting is a file that is
downloadable for use over the internet. Podcasting is
similar to radio station broadcasts. (Except that anyone
can do it with little more than a microphone).

Most people think that you must own an ipod to
use Podcasting. The great thing about podcasting is you do not
necessary need an ipods or mp3 players. Simplement with
your computer or laptop, you can use podcast. The feed
aggregators download the file to your computer and you
listen to it whenever you want.

The number of podcasts have really grown since 2005.
In 2004, Google had less than 25 hits for "Podcasting."
Just one year later (2005) Google had produced more
than 61 million hits! The market's booming!

As you can see, podcasting is a new industrie you
can break into and start making profits. People are
willing to pay for podacasts. Podcasts can be created
from anything a custom is dying to listen such as how-to
tutorials, musics, how-to infromation, self-help materials,
audio-books, business conference meetings and more!

You can conquer a niche market and make profits
without writing one word. All you need to do is:
create your content, post your content and then
start marketing it. Knowing that podcasting does not
require any special license, any special training,
any complex hardware, any coplex software, you can break
into it now and start making your own shows. Do not miss
This opportunity to break into this brand new hot market.

Source by Fredy Demone