Having a fax number is important for any business but so is saving money. Thanks to new technology you can now provide your business with more communication tools at a lower cost. Now you can get faxing numbers thanks to internet fax services which require no complicated setups. So how can you get a free fax number?

What is a Virtual Fax Number

A virtual fax number or online fax number is basically the same as any other faxing number except you send and receive your faxes online, right on your computer. You can still receive faxes from other fax machine in any part of the world and at anytime and you can send to other fax machines as well. The only difference is that you will be saving money by faxing from your computer thanks to fax service providers.

How is it Free?

Online fax service providers have been gaining popularity ever since they where introduced. They provide solutions for home offices, small businesses and large companies. By getting rid of your fax machine you save money on paper and ink expenses and electricity as well because a fax machine is the most energy consuming office machine. Plus you get many extra features that a fax machine could never do such as faxing from your cell phone, multiple faxing and integration with Microsoft applications.

Internet fax service providers are so confident that you will enjoy faxing from your computer so only the best services offer FREE 30 day trials which allow you to "test drive" the service yourself for an entire month. Plus, when you sign up you get a FREE faxing number which can be a local or toll free number. This number is given to you at no extra cost, there are no maintenance fees for this number and there are no setup fees because your number is activated immediately.

Source by Embry C.