Why is the major reason why some women fake their orgasms? Major reason being men who are not able to satisfy her woman to the fullest. Women take time to get turned on and most men prefer a quickie therefore you would never be able to satisfy a woman fully unless you know how to turn her on real quick. Knowledge of the most sensitive parts of the female body is very important and at the same time how to sensationalize these parts to turn her on carries the same importance. Read on to discover what these sensitive parts are which can help you achieve mind blowing results in bed.

Behind the ears- The best way to appeal to a woman is to blow behind her ear. Even the slightest of touches can turn her on and cause tremendous physical arousal. Ear lobes are one of the most sensitive parts of the female body.

The neck- This is one of the most sensitive parts of the female body including ear lobes. Slight tickles behind the neck or maybe some soft kissing can arouse the woman within seconds and get her ready for almost anything.

Toes- Some women get turned on when a man gives her slight foot massage or tickles the toes. This does not work on every woman but has been known to be preferred by some.

Tummy area- Some females prefer slight licking in the tummy area which normally tends to increase their arousal ratio.

Kissing- This is one of the best and most practiced way to turn a woman on and has been known to be the most effective of them all. Nothing can arouse a woman more than a passionate kiss when the moment is right. But stimulation to all the above mentioned body parts can turn a woman on within seconds.

Source by Pushpa Pal Singh