A plain, blank wall is like an empty white canvas – you can do what you want with it. Creative homeowners incorporated a multitude of elements to make the wall dynamic and interesting. Others simply coat it with a different color or glue wallpaper treatments. Minimalism is a modern design trend, but thinking outside the box can make a big difference.

What different design elements can you add to your blank wall?

Build Shelf Space

Organization can be a form of art. Build suspended shelf spaces on your wall and decorate it with books, magazines, figures, ornaments, and flower vases. A blank wall is the perfect backdrop for an interesting shelf layout. You can always rearrange your pieces to freshen up the look.

Highlight Art

Every household should have at least one piece of artwork as investment. Highlight an interesting piece by hanging it in the middle of your wall. A great piece may even be the only decoration you need. It can serve as the perfect focal point in any living room or foyer. Less is more when it comes to art.

Display Photography

Create a clean collage of your favorite family portraits all over your blank wall. This can be an interesting form of personalized wall art showing how proud you are of your loved ones. Consider having your personal artwork. This helps your personality stand out in your own home.

Express Yourself

You can use your wall when you are an artist or someone who just needs an outlet for expression. Even chaotic graffiti can be beautiful and artistic if there is meaning behind it. Grab a brush and some paint, and channel feelings on your wall. This is a perfect option if the empty wall is in your bedroom.

Make It Usable

Instead of regular colors, use chalkboard paint and you can change your wall's designs as you please. Make sure the room is well ventilated, as chalk residue can cause respiratory problems. You can also line the wall with white boards or cork for a functional wall if you see yourself changing the design often.

Paper and Decorate

There are interesting wallpaper patterns available on the market today. You can line your walls with the design of your choice and decoratively accordingly. Professional designers usually usually go for this technique but you can execute it well if you have an eye for design.

Furniture for an Easy Solution

Line your wall with choice furniture that compliments the color or treatment. A chic side table can make a plain beige wall look interesting while chunky pieces can make an already busy wall seem too much. Consider where the wall is placed when thinking of your design options.

Your options are endless when it comes to blank walls. There is no rule to follow. You do not even have to follow any clear interior decoration guidelines. If you are decorating a wall for your personal space, you are free to do as you wish. You can always ask professional help if you want to accomplish a particular look.

Source by Leah Poupinel