Although silver continues to increase in value in the precious metal market, few people know how and where to buy cheap silver. The best technique if you are in the United States, is to simply purchase silver coins through your local bank. Purchasing these coins, helps you make a quick profit.

Each bank has a ready stock of Kennedy half dollars, and buys and sells these coins at face value. A ten dollar note can purchase a roll of twenty half Kennedy dollars.

The trick is to differentiate between the pre 1964 Kennedy half dollars, and the post 50 cent coins, which contain less silver. The bank will typically hand over a mixture of these in a ten dollar roll of coins.

Once you have purchased a roll of coins, remove the packaging and place them in a single stack. Checking the coin edge, you should notice the difference between the 1964 Kennedy dollar (90%) silver, and the 1965-1970 half dollar (40%) silver.

In the pile of coins you have purchased, there should be some with a copper colored band, and others with a gray monotone colored band. Remove all the coins with a monotone colored band, check for the date 1964, and keep them.

For the reminder of the non-90% silver coins, simply pack them again, and sell them back to the bank for their face value, once you have rolled them up in a stack of 20 coins.

Save or sell the remaining 90% Kennedy half dollars to a coin dealer, at a profit, or simply save them as their value should continue to increase with the collectible, and market value of silver. If the price does decrease, simply sell them back to the bank for the same value you purchased them.

Source by Mark W. Medley