Proper medical care and nutrition are very important to monitor when a loved one is in a nursing care facility. Another area to keep a close watch on is the housekeeping department. How they clean rooms, lobbies, bathrooms, and other areas determines how good the care actually is at a nursing home. Even larger facilities should employ enough staff to ensure the building is clean and remains that way.

The truth is many nursing facilities in an effort to save money, will only hire enough people to cover the shifts. This means when a person is absent or quits, it is then the nurse's job to clean rooms. With many nursing stations understaffed, housekeeping can sometimes take a back seat. When visiting a loved one, there are a few items to check to make sure at least a minimum amount of cleaning is being performed.

o Clean bathrooms are a must. Elderly people will sometimes have trouble using the bathroom. Clean bathrooms that are sanitized are essential to keep bacteria from being spread.

o Use of gloves. When changing a resident or cleaning up the bathroom, it is important that housekeeping and nursing staff use gloves to prevent the spread of bacteria.

o Clean sheets. Another way to keep bacteria from spreading and a way to keep residents comfortable.

o Make sure the staff is wearing clean uniforms. Nursing and housekeeping should always wear clean uniforms before each shift.

These are just a few items to look at when paying a visit to a nursing facility. Since the elderly are soon to catching colds easily, living in a clean space will help keep them safe and healthy.

Source by Jeanette Pollock