Choosing a gift for any man is sometimes a difficult prospect, but military men are especially challenging. Since military guys tend to be ultra-masculine and interested in very specific types of tactical gear and equipment, it can be very stressful for their wives, girlfriends, fiancée's and other family members to buy them gifts. Here are some simple gift ideas for a military man and clever card proposals to go with the gift.

Most military men like weapons of all sorts. One simple gift idea in this category is a knife. Whether you choose a pocket knife, a complex Swiss army knife, or a machete a knife can be a fun and functional gift for your guy. The accompanying card can be cheesy like, "you're a sharp guy" or "a cut above any other."

Flashlights are another good option for a masculine gift. The variety of sizes and styles that are available in is another characteristic that makes them perfect for just about any occasion. From "you light up my life" to "things would be pretty dark without your help", the card accommodating a flashlight can further brighten the gift.

If you're not a fan of the first two suggestions, how about a practical and safe one? What about a first aid kit? Due to military guy's love for sports with weapons, even an office-bound man can use this gift. Especially if you give this one for the next occasion after you give the knife. "My heart is healed of loneliness when you're around" or "you're like a bandage of sunshine on a rainy day" are a couple of card ideas.

If your military guy enjoys camping or is in the field a lot considering getting him a simple blanket for a gift. There are many special condition blankets such as thermal, lightweight, vintage (for historical re-enactors), parablankets that are waterproof, quilts, emergency blankets, et cetera. Many blankets come in a camouflage print but you can find ones that are imprinted with the different military branches. Card caption ideas include "you warm my heart", "I could never get tired of you", "you've got a warm personality", or "being with you is a comfort prospect."

Of course, the most standard gift idea is usually t-shirts. Their variety, ability to be personalized, and abundance makes a t-shirt a truly universal gift. Although you could look for a specific message or image on your shirt, I suggest combining the shirt and the card into one and placing your caption directly on the shirt. "Ruggedly handsome and holding a gun; yup, you're my style." "(Military branch) is my day job. "Got Guns?" T-shirts make a good gift partly because they can be tailor to any occasion from Father's Day to Christmas.

Source by Courtney Shipe