If you have a fax machine you may have encountered an error message which states: The line condition is poor. This can happen even if you are using a modem that plugs into cable modem that supplies high speed.

In a home or business with two fax machines, the first thing one could try is to decide if the problem is with just one fax machine or if it is with both machines. If with both fax machines then it would indicate a line issue.

Next you could try connecting the voice line to the phone line and then listen for a dial tone. If you can receive a dial tone, see if you can receive an incoming call. If you do not receive a dial tone, then you will need to make a call to your telephone company.

Another tip is to replace the cord from the fax machine to the phone box.

If that does not work you could do a complete reboot. Shut down the whole set-up, unplug the cable and unplug your fax machine. Next reconnect the cable and reboot your system. The last step would be to reset your settings.

The very best and easiest fix for this solution is to simply get an online fax account. With internet faxing you never have to worry about the quality of the line condition. You will be able to send and receive faxes from any place that has internet access. On top of that, internet faxing is a fraction of the cost for a telephone line. Plans start at $ 10- $ 20 a month and you eliminate the need for paper, ink and all other costs related to traditional fax machines.

Source by Matthew Gerchow