Most of us who drive posh cars may rarely take time to think about motorcycle gas mileage but the statistics behind them could make some very interesting read materials. You may not believe it but they even have better performance than most vehicles. Well, if you want to cover 41 miles per gallon, the motorcycle is the way to go! This just tells you how economic the horsepower of the motorcycle is.

The factors affecting the motorcycle gas mileage are the riding habits, just like the car is affected by the driving habits, the motorbike engine horsepower and the aerodynamic of the same. A motorbike uses many different types of fuel like diesel, gasoline and alcohol although it is less efficient than gasoline. Gasoline is light in weight and used for high speed while diesel is more efficient than the other two.

Having this knowledge, let us look at what can be done to enhance mileage. Firstly, maintain a constant speed while riding and keep track of the changes in performance on a regular basis. If you are brought up in traffic you can switch off the engine to save gas.Use smooth roads that will not mount pressure on you bike when accelerating.

Always check to see that the tires are well inflated to prevent friction on the road. The more the friction the more fuel you burn. Then lastly have the engine serviced regularly to ensure that it is operating as it should. The oil should be changed every so often also.

Source by Peter Gitundu