Whether we know it or not, we are always emulating someone and most of what we are today is the result of the emulating that we've done through our life.

Emulating is the fastest and easiest way to shape who we want to become. Each and everyone of our heroes has left an indelible mark on us. Most of the time we were not even aware of it but the exercises that we wished in these people were slowly but certainly being imprinted into the very fibers of our DNA.

Emulating is not complex. It's almost all done through symbiosis. We get to be like those we hang around with. Case in point, a psychological experiment was done some years ago in New York City. They took some good cops and placed them in a precincts staffed with corrupt cops. In less than six month, those stellar cops had become just as corrupt as those that they were working with.

The process works both way. Emulating can improve a person or it can leave a negative impact … depending on who is being emulated.

Now, in everyday life, we can not choose to hang around the Tony Robbins, the Donald Trumps et all … but there is something almost as good that we can do. We can have pictures of our heroes in our working place where we see their faces constantly. And for an added touch, we can place our own picture with the group.

Having our picture near the ones of those people that we admire create an association that goes directly into the subconscious. Soon we get the feeling that somehow we belong to that elite group and, little by little we start to think and behave as they do.

Throughout history, dictators have used to power of pictures to influence people. Pictures of those dictators were omnipresent through the country where they could constantly be seen by the citizens. A mental association was then created and people would identify with even the most ruthless leaders.

The simplest and most effective technique that can be used to benefit from emulating is through visual association through identification. That is, by surrounding ourselves with the pictures of those that we respect and admire.

Source by Dr.