It took time, sweat and energy, and your ebook's ready to sell. You now own a money-generating asset which will stream cash into your bank account for years to come.

You've got endless ways to promote your eBook and get sales, but forget about those methods for a moment.

You need to strategize. A good strategy is the difference between wasting time on methods which do not work for you, and building a structure which works for you automatically once you've set it up.

Let's look at three steps to create your strategy.

1. Focus on Your Customers

Who are they? Where do your buyers hang out online and offline?

Write a short description of your ideal customer. Who is he, (or she)? How much income does he make? Does he have a family? What's most important to him?

Your ideal customer is not "everyone." The more clearly you can define who your customer is, the more effectively you can sell to him.

Next, discover where your customer hangs out online and offline.

Make a list of areas where your customer hangs out.

For example, let's say you've written an eBook on weight loss for people who are 50 pounds over their ideal weight. You write a description of your ideal customer, and create a list of where he / she spends time.

Your list could include: online forums, local weight watcher groups, local restaurants, local businesses … Aim to get a list of both online and offline locations.

2. Create a List of Methods You Can Use to Reach Your Ideal Customer

Now you know who you're looking for, and areas to find those people.

How will you reach them?

In our example, you can create various ways to reach your customers who are desperate to lose weight.

You know some of your customers visit online forums. Choose two forums, and become active there. Link to your sales page (see Step # 3) in your forum signatures.

For those customers who do not visit online forums, you need other ways to contact them online. Consider options like: YouTube videos, article marketing and Pay Per Click advertising.

Remember offline methods, and consider: writing and printing business cards, postcards and flyers, which you can distribute locally – you can hire people to do this.

3. Create Landing Pages for Each Marketing Method You're Using

Before you put your promotional methods into action, you need to create specific landing pages on your website for each marketing method.

Here's why. Your customers reach your landing pages in many different ways. The more you can speak directly to them, and their needs, the more credibility you have – and the more sales you'll make.

Do not have a website? Nowadays, you can create a website by signing up for a free blog. It takes minutes. Do it.

Writing and selling ebooks is an ideal home business. You'll get fast results when you have a sales strategy in place.

Source by Angela Booth